Our Ethos

Fit East and Festival of Running were brought together for 2020 over a shared interest in making a difference to people's lives through physical activity. That's why we make an effort to make people of all ages and abilities welcome at the event to share exercise, delicious food and an amazing atmosphere. We really are for everybody. 

Physical activity for health

Exercise has been proven to have an exceptional impact on people's mental and physical health. Beyond simply reducing body fat and the risk of obesity, the risk of contracting any number of serious conditions is significantly minimised through regular exercise. It also just makes us all feel better, getting out of the house and socialising while exercising is one of the simplest and most beneficial things we can all do for our health. It's for this reason we are committed to making exercise as accessible as possible for everyone. 

A key theme of Fit East and Ipswich Festival of Running will be the reduction of single-use plastics and ensuring the festival is as eco-friendly as possible. We'll therefore ensure that all of our water stations are equipped with Vegware biodegradable cups instead of plastic bottles. We also ask all of our food vendors to use recyclable packaging and there'll be talks and activities for kids on ways to live more sustainably. 

Positivity and Atmosphere
We want to make exercise as enjoyable as possible and we know that pushing yourself to the limit for hours at a time isn't for everyone. That's why we're offering music, food, drinks and plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy the atmosphere in between activities. 

Our Ethos

We want to make physical activity accessible to everyone for better mental and physical health and for it to be generally more fun. Read more about how we're doing this.

fit East

Festival of Running Ltd and Fit East have teamed up to bring this amazing health and fitness festival to Ipswich for 2020. Find out more about the Fit East festival.

Running Distances

There are a number of races you can sign up to including our Breakfast Run for early risers, our 5k and 10k chip-timed races, a 1k Fun Run and the 5k Colour Run in the early evening. Find out more about the runs below.

contact us

If you have any queries about the festival, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to get back to you. Click below to visit the contact us page.